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Alternative education with an holstic approach, each child is celebrated as an individual and encouraged to push boundaries and challenge norms, social awareness and daily forages into the community assist in the development of young minds preparing them to grab the bull by the horns and become active members in their community. Kudos Oak Learners, Toronto needs more schools like you! Esther B. Picking him up from you guys during his camp week was like a beautiful dream.

Kristin Re. There are so many benefits of having music lessons and tutoring at the same location! Melissa Re. A Special Place Oak Learners is an amazing place.

L’amour sans gluten, c’est possible !

I saw my son who was scared and an introvert just become his true self, full of initiative and confidence. I appreciate Kelly and Leigh so much and plan to have Oak Learners part of their lives for ever. Audrey Re.

Site de rencontre gluten free

He absolutely loved it and was a little sad it was over. I loved that they challenged him. Everyday was an activity that incorporated art, music, movement and fun. Highly recommend.

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Jacqueline Re. Extra-Curriculuar Programs Oak Learners offers the perfect arts and mindfulness extra-curricular activities for our daughter. It is also conveniently located, innovative and Kelly and her team show lots of empathy and professionalism. Isabelle Learn more about our alternative private school.

Registration ongoing for the School Year. Now accepting applications for students JK through Grade Six.

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Every small act of kindness matters and has the potential to make a huge impact in the lives of others. Students were inspired to share kindness with their friends and family and even through helping out Read more about Kindness is Worthy […]. We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.

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Roosevelt At Oak Learners, our mandate includes helping all learners reach their potential through creativity, confidence and community. This mandate goes beyond what we do for our students and Read more about Supporting Teacher Development is the Key to Student Success […]. Ontario students are experiencing record levels of stress, anxiety and suicidal rates are higher than ever before, but students are still under daily pressure to perform Read more about Oak Learners is Bridging the Gap for Ontario Students through Arts and Mindfulness based Elementary Education […].

Why are eggs different colours? Can I have a duck as a pet? Why do ducks have feathers? Where do ducks live in the winter? These are a few of the questions our students asked when we presented them with an incubator Read more about Inquiry in the Classroom: How hatching ducklings cultivated a rich learning opportunity for our students […].

Written by: Kelly Letros — Behaviour Therapist During spring break, I was enthused to spend my week with children who had registered for a week-long camp program. Daily, they were running to and fro through the corridors of the centre, from one pre-planned activity to another. At our school, environmental awareness has always been a priority for both staff and students alike.

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Les rencontres en ligne se font dans le respect des uns envers les autres membres chrétiens.. Ses comptes sont bloqués en France site de rencontre gluten free Il ne peut pas se déplacer, il ne peut pas manger.. Donnez à vos parents autant d'informations que possible sur ce que vous recherchez dans un conjoint et les encourager à demander à des amis site de rencontre gluten free famille et connaissances dans la communauté musulmane si elles savent d'un partenaire potentiel qui cherche à se marier..

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